Vlierhof is basically a healthy and ecological residential community. Our Community is at the heart of our vision and at the heart of society. It forms the stable basis for all our activities.
We also have a holistic center where we support and stimulate all forms of sustainable, self-sufficient and conscious co-creation, co-living and working. Its an inspiring location where our community members, Tribe members, volunteers and mission-driven entrepreneurs feel welcome.

Our community-pillars 

  • Association: Vlierhof is an association. The day-to-day management is done by the board and association members
  • Volunteers: There's always something happening at Vlierhof so an extra set of hands is always welcome. We provide a wonderful place to spend some time connecting and working in nature together.
  • Sharing knowledge: We wish to connect to other communities and let people discover Vlierhof, our vision and our way of life
  • Living and working: The association members are provided with living- and workingspace for activities that are in line with the Vlierhof mission and vision.
  • Development: We invest in the (personal) development of the team as well as individual members through education, training, knowledge sharing etc..
  • Partners: By proactively collaborating with important parties and partners, we create a solid foundation for our activities

We are an association. The form of governance is based on sociocratic principles; we assume equality of individuals.

The Vlierhof team consists of 9 members. They look after this place and are responsible for the vision, strategy and day-to-day management.

We can't do without our Blijdragers. As a volunteer you can personally experience living and working in a community.