Our core values are central to everything we do at Vlierhof.

  • In the care of the Vlierhof and the community
  • In working and living with one-another
  • In al onze activiteiten en ondernemingen
  • In hoe we met elkaar en onze omgeving omgaan

To us, respect means that we appreciate one another and that we take each other into consideration. We always work together based on mutual respect. We acknowledge and accept our differences. We create an atmosphere of openness, trust and safety in which issues can be addressed.


We aim to lead by example by living a holistic lifestyle in terms of nutrition, excersize, rest and spiritual practice. We ourselves embody what we strive for within our mission and vision. We strive for a healthy way of life, integrating body, mind and spirit as one. We make a conscious choice for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle based on selflove.


We pass our knowledge on to others. We stay aware of our pitfalls and we understand that we are never done learning. When strong feelings arise, we see the human being behind the emotion. We treat people, animals and nature with respect and compassion and we choose sustainable solutions, both individually and as a collective. We use clear, peaceful and accurate language and we strive to be a good example to others.


We are not afraid to show that we are human. From our own area of responsibility we each contribute to a shared vision. As a community we create an atmosphere of safety by expressing our needs and boundaries. We all take care of ourselves and we ask for help when we need it. We are open to receiving feedback as this provides a dynamic learning environment. We take responsibility for our own growth and the growth of the community.


We are honest towards ourselves and towards each other in our communication and in how we express emotions. Self-reflection is important to us. The organization is transparent, we pro-actively share our activities. We act from pure intentions. We treat nature fairly by practicing permaculture, organic horticulture. We manage our resources responsibly.


We work, live and communicate with each other from a place of mutual trust. We fully trust in our own abilities and in those of others. We trust in each other’s choices and in what we share together. We receive feedback in a mature way and we stay aware that our perceptions are just that, perceptions. We trust in each other’s good intentions and we trust our intuition.

Onze Vlierhof Missie en Visie vormen het uitgangspunt in alle activeiten op Vlierhof

At Vlierhof we stimulate sustainable, mission/ heart-driven and healthy entrepeneurship.

De Vlierhof Missie en Visie realiseren we met een aantal concrete kerndoelen