Op Vlierhof houdt ik me als penningmeester bezig met de boekhouding en ondersteun ik met de strategie en marketing. Daarnaast help ik met allerlei klusje om en rond de tuin.

Today the sun was shining and the temperature was lovely. A perfect day to take care of the garden and chickens. The chicken coops have been cleaned and the chickens and roosters have been provided fresh hay and water. They are laying a lot of eggs and sometimes it is a matter of looking for the right pots. Today it was bingo with no less than 10 farm-fresh eggs. The ladies were clucking and even laying eggs as we were working on the coop.

Making everything beautiful together

Today I also provided the path to my Sheperds Cabin with fresh wood chips. The chickens liked that. All day long they were busy foraging around. They pushed chips away with their paws, to then quickly see if something tasty was crawling between them. A big fat worm maybe or tasty seeds. The path became a bit less beautiful, but that did not spoil the fun for the chickens.

Together we also gave the terrace a thorough cleansing. Rinsing off mud, sweeping and remove some grass and plants here and there between the tiles. I really enjoy it when everything looks a bit tidy again. After all that work, it was time for coffee. And to enjoy the view in the sun.

What a luxury to be able and allowed to live like this. I wish this for everyone. We need many more of these beautiful community places. Close to nature, in touch with what is real. That is really something we would like to commit to.

Much love - Karen