March and April have been transformed into “garden donation months”

The weather is beautiful, spring is approaching. We want to make optimal use of this time to make good progress in the vegetable garden, ornamental garden and herb garden. This way everyone can enjoy it when it is in bloom.

Need tools and plants
We found out while gardening that our garden tools are not really cooperative. Think: secateurs that fall apart, half rakes, broken buckets and rusted wheelbarrows. As a result, everything takes a little more time and we think that is a shame. Especially with all those helping hands in the garden. Unfortunately, our money tree is not yet in bloom either.

This created the donation idea
Do you have second hand or new garden tools or plants (organic seeds, cuttings and ornamental plants) and would you like to donate these to us? Send us a message to

Then you can bring it, send it or we come and collect it. In return, we invite you to come and enjoy the garden with a treat.

We are going to add a list with some ideas here on the website. Both in our (garden) tool collection and plant collection.


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