Vlierhof is blossoming. We are trying to keep our attention on what gives us energy; making this beautiful place flourish. This is a wonderful time when everything is growing. Flowers, trees and bushes are blooming. The birds are singing cheerfully. The blossom is showing, which is our first blossom since we came here in September.

There is so much life here, too. The butterflies, bumblebees, bees and wasps buzz around happily. There are some nests of storks nearby and we see them flying off and on, diligently building their nests. And this week we saw two huge hares racing by. A nice harbinger of a beautiful spring. A nice sculpture garden is emerging in our garden, ranging from angels to gnomes. The statue of the man has also become visible, where it first hid behind a bush, he now stands comfortably in the sun. The female statue will also get a place. Man and woman. Doing nice things together. That is what we are here for:-)

A hive of bees has arrived and beekeeper training is also underway. Then we will soon be able to eat our own Vlierhof honey. We also replaced the old sweat lodge with a new one and we are also building a smaller one. We are pruning the bushes and making a creel out of the pruning waste (which is not waste). We are still looking for someone to look after the labyrinth. This place with all kinds of herbs and other edible plants would like to get some attention again.

The dojo is starting to take shape so we can also enjoy frolicking, rolling and moving around on the mats. Physical activity is totally part of our vision. The chickens are happy with the bamboo and are laying nice eggs. The greenhouse is starting to turn green with all kinds of plants that we can eat. We are enjoying the green salads. The tunnel is full of winter purslane which is delicious in the salad.

We made a new outdoor table from old legs that we found here. Furthermore, we have made progress with the rooms in the farmhouse, these are decorated so that we can receive guests when it is possible. Our desire is we can open soon and share this amazing place. In the meatime we are going to continue to do our thing here together. Vlierhof already brings a lot of beauty and that makes us happy. Beautiful place, great team.

And we also enjoy the most beautiful sunsets. Welcome sunshine! Make it nice and warm.