Winter is in full swing and that has brought us beautiful pictures and wonderful snow fun to Vlierhof. Despite the corona measures that will unfortunately continue until late March, we are not sitting still. Read more about our plans in this short winter wonderland update.

Vlierhof Strategy

On February 3, we presented our plans to the board and the founder. Our mission, vision and strategy. The path to achieving our goals. For weeks we brainstormed with the team, creating and writing our plans. We were allowed to share our creation with due excitement and pride.

We have received good, constructive feedback and the board has expressed its confidence in our plans and in the team. A wonderful release after all the work we have put into it together. The fire is burning with us.


Together we will create and build a beautiful community that can make a valuable contribution to society. With sustainability, awareness, peace, connection and personal development as important starting points. A versatile place that is at the heart of society. To which we are the stewards, and love to share with those around us.


And ultimately our goal is to clear the land from sale and to give it back to Mother Earth. We are going to do a crowdfunding for that later in the year. We would like to keep you informed of our plans.