Autumn in full swing. Its a time to dgo inwards and inside. In the meantime we continue to make the place more beautiful. Our team members have also been busy setting up their own living quarters recently. Making it a real home. Where we can retreat and rest for a while. Safety, cosiness and security are important values to us. Because home is where the hart is...

Two months ago we started the new adventure at Vlierhof and a lot has already happened here at this beautiful place.

Tidying up - cleaning - constructive conversations with the board and the Founder of the place - setting up your own homes - meeting beautiful people who are willing to volunteer - our renewed website is live - setting up social media - step by step look at what is needed :-)

Currently, the measures regarding corona have been tightened again and since yesterday there have also been relaxed measures for the border region. These offer more opportunities for us as entrepreneurs in the border region. There is still no test and notification requirement for visits shorter than 24 hours.

We will also organize community meetings in spring because we would like to share our way of life with others who are also looking for it.

It is possible and there are also plenty of places. It is mainly about "DOING" Inspiration (inspiring each other) is of great value to us. This was / is also the dream of the founder of Vlierhof and he has been given a special place in this community. Elder's place. Let us honor the elders for their knowledge and for the steps they have taken to enable the new generation to continue.

We are now entering a phase of making clear sustainable agreements. MCreating a solid foundation for Vlierhof. That is also about finances. Because that is also has its place in the world. Creating balance. Giving and receiving.

People who want to come here to host a workshop also contribute to creating this balance. That is why it cannot be seen in isolation. Our collaboration is based on connection / honesty.

In this way, beautiful, safe partnerships can arise. Vlierhof wants to be at the heart of society and not outside it. That also means that we want to be visible and share openly what we do here. We want to make our vision possible and thereby is essential for our lives from the heart. This is our mission statement.

You can register for the newsletter via the contact page on the website. Website link is in the comments. We will keep you informed via this website, our newsletter and social media.