To embody the mission and vision of Vlierhof we have formulated a few core-goals. These are the guiding principles for all activities at Vlierhof. The guide us in the way we interact with eachother and our environment. And most of all in how we are contributing towards creating a better world for us all. 

  • We create a thriving, sustainable, self-sufficient community
  • Wij stimuleren welzijn voor lichaam, geest & ziel met ons holistische gezondheidscentrum
  • We contribute to the transformation of ourselves, our tribe, our environment and humanity at large.
  • We bieden een fijne plek waar vrijwilligers kunnen bijdragen en verbinden
  • We bevorderen bewustzijnsgroei, vrede, verbinding en persoonlijke ontwikkeling
  • We promote art, culture and creativity.
  • We are bold entrepeneurs, driven by a mission from our hearts and we are financially healthy.
  • We contribute to sustainable recreation.

Our core values ​​are anchored in everything we do, promote and embody

We are visible, heart and mission driven, and financially stable.

Vlierhof is an experiential school of life. At its heart is an ecological community