Vlierhof is an experiential school of life. At its core is a safe, healthy and ecological community We choose to be in the heart of society. Vlierhof is an inspiring location for our community, volunteers, (Tribe) members and passionate entrepreneurs.

At Vlierhof there is plenty of room to jointly create and innovate with all forms of sustainable, self-sufficient and conscious living and working. We do this in respect and harmony with people, animals, nature and our environment.

Together we promote awareness, peace, connection, spiritual and personal development. We also stimulate wellbeing for Mind, Body and Soul. We actively share and exchange knowledge with our environment and other communities.


In every community 
there is work to be done

In every nation

there are wounds to heal

In every heart
there is the power to do it

Our core values ​​are anchored in everything we do, promote and embody

At Vlierhof we stimulate sustainable, mission/ heart-driven and healthy entrepeneurship.

We want to achieve our Vlierhof Mission and Vision with a number of core objectives