A warm welcome…

The Vlierhof is a community: people who are living together with a common purpose. We aren’t living apart from the world. We want to live according to some specific values like personal growth, connection and non-violent communication…

We own our own land for agriculture and that’s our first growth center. Beside that we have an operation to receive groups: the Seminar House. Our infrastructure can also be deployed as a B&B for the many tourists visiting this beautiful area.

To support our organisation, we are searching for volunteers who wants to join us for a minimum of several weeks so they can feel what it is to live our way of life. All kinds of skills are welcome: cooks, trades-people, gardeners, people with customer-service experience, marketing etc

Are you interested? Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are thinking of applying. Send us a short mail to volunteers@vlierhof.org

Connect with our team


Maarten K

I’m super interested in self-sufficiency, minimalism and outdoor/nature and with my computer skills I’m trying to share this with the world.


Liene S

I have a passion for vegetarian cooking. I try to combine this as much as possible with my full-time job as mom. When I have some time free I like to make macrame jewelry.


Leo P

I try to balance my time between family and working for the Vlierhof. When I have a free moment I enjoy gardening and catching up on current events or listening to a good podcast.


Marjorie S

As a lively and practiced person I fully enjoy living at Vlierhof. I work on my own art, admin. and maintenance. To reach people through art and massage is an important goal in my life.


Leon A

Leon (www.leonarto.nl) is  working with wood / steel / oil-paint / drawing (digitally, on a tablet, or inkbrush).
His quick illustrations during meetings or workshops are famous. Connected on-and-off with the Vlierhof for the last 6 years.

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