Our Phoenix Retreat in Pictures and Video

Our Phoenix Retreat got underway two days after Christmas. Firstly, around 20 of us, facilitators and participants, gathered in the meditation room of the seminar house for the opening ceremony.

After an intriguing and beguiling performance by Sara, dressed in the guise of a colorful phoenix everyone present was encouraged to share a bit about themselves and why they had come. It was obvious that people had been drawn to the retreat for different reasons. Have a look at the photos in the gallery to get a taste of what some of the particpants wrote on their symbolic phoenix feathers. (credit Dorien Leys).

To close the opening the marvelous phoenix sculpture adorned with straw and bamboo was wheeled out of the Deel into the grounds of the Vlierhof. The feathers were placed under the wings and we stood hand-in-hand and sung a short spiritual verse several times, both loud and soft, as instucted by our facilitator Erik.

Over the next few days the participants got to know each other better and to participate in the various workshops. If you didn’t read about the retreat in our last newsletter or on the website there was a variety of workshops on offer from Quigong to AUM meditation to voice liberation and rock balancing. Some regular members of the community were also workshop facilitators whilst others gave of their time and labour in the kitchen, through cleaning rooms and toilets and serving our guests breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea. Some members involved themselves in both capacities. There was an excellent sense of community spirit and common purpose.

Here is a clip from the rock balancing workshop conducted by Leticia:

The retreat concluded with a Conscious New Year Celebration event: an evening of song and dance and a symbolic burning of the phoenix, symbolizing a rebirth and release for all who participated in the retreat. The gallery below shows some of the highights of that final evening:

Perhaps the retreat itself is best elaborated upon by those who came from outside as participants, many of whom had never visited the Vlierhof before. Here is selection of feedback:

Powerful, deep, with inspiration

Love, connection, energy

Lovely people, great atmosphere

I am very thankful. Loved it!

Powerful, healing, unconventional loving

I am grateful and lots of love for all the people who made this week unforgetable

An intense, relaxing experience



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