Vlierhof Farm News – December 2017

This last summer season, the farm sub-circle (see this blog-post for more information about organization of the operations on Vlierhof) of the Vlierhof has grown and supplied the community with several fresh, stored, and conserved organic crops.

We are and have been supplying potatoes, red beets, leak, onions, nine different varieties of cabbage (including broccoli, green kale, brussel sprouts and chinese cabbage), corn, green beans, tomatoes, physalis, chard, carrots, zucchinis and more than five different varieties of pumpkins and squash to the community and our guests. We also eventually provided the community with additional crops , such as spring onions, lettuce, ruccola, andeivi, beans, melons, five different varieties of pepper, and also with the harvest of our own fruit trees (walnuts, cherries, plumbs, pears, berries, and elderberries).

After intensive work of harvesting, processing and storing the vegetables and fruits, the main tasks were to focus on preparing the land, namely to recover the optimal level of nutriens in the soil for the coming season, and to prepare for the production of the winter season crops (winterpostelijn, herb strub, winter cress, lettuce, feldsalat, garlic, spinach and andeivi). We have also been using these winter times to prepare for next season. Namely the reparation and reformation of the greenhouse and the polytunnel, fixing and adding all the necessary structures for the most optimal work on summer peak season and to reach an optimal output in harmony with the land.

A previous young intern from The Rhein-Waal Hochschule has designed a food forest and has planned to work on the food forest on Vlierhof for the next 3 years during his studies in Kleve. He is collaborating and learning from one of the initiators of Ketelbroek food forest near Groesbeek. 

The Farm Team wants to give a special thanks to all the people who helped and supported us in this busy process; volunteers , interns, community members, visitors and family members. We would never be able to reach the mentioned results without all of you. Gracias! Bedankt! Danke sehr! Thank you!



The farm sub-circle

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