The vision refers to the desired long-term perspective of Vlierhof.

Since September 2016, our community has been going through the process of refining our vision, applying techniques such as mind-mapping, workshops, and dragon dreaming.

The Vlierhof aims to promote awareness and peace on earth. We want to make a contribution to the social and environmental problems faced by the society today, living as self-sufficiently as possible.

Live with love

Live and work with us to experience our love, respect, and consciousness. We appreciate that every person is unique and talented. We are a diverse group of people with different backgrounds.

Lifelong learning

Vlierhof is a bridge between the past and the future, where having an open mind brings more benefit to all.  We greatly value personal and spiritual development.

Working in balance 

We work to provide for our livelihood as well as a means of creation and self-expression. This way we develop our capabilities while simultaneously serving the whole community.


At Vlierhof we work together with nature. We recognise that we are part of the larger web of life and want to take care of our planet, striving for sustainability at all levels. We want to be an example of a regenerative and sustainable place to live and work.

This is what we all stand behind and want to make our reality.


Core Values

The Vlierhof welcomes anyone wishing to organise a workshop or an event, or simply looking for a Bed & Breakfast, *and* we want to be more than just a seminar or guest house. To make our contribution to a more socially and ecologically responsible world, we have identified certain core values. You can follow our developments of how we are achieving this in our brewery (blogs).

1. Interconnection

We appreciate that we can reach greater achievements by working together in collaboration with others than by working alone. By integrating the unique qualities of various individuals, we often complement each other and find meaning larger than ourselves. Examples are:
• Community building within our own community,
• Connecting with people and institutions in the immediate vicinity,
• Networking with people and institutions farther away with the same ideals,
• Serving nature and living in the realization that we as humans are part of nature.

2. Sustainability

Any individual, community, or society that wants to live more sustainably must begin with the awareness of the fact that we are all vulnerable; we are dependant on the natural world and therefore responsible to it.  We do our best where we can, for example in our organic vegetable garden, reducing waste, using a water pump etc. while also recognising there will always be more steps we can take. For example:

• Generating power more organically from the region and season,
• Being more self-sufficient with our organic vegetable garden and building an edible landscape,
• Investing in renewable energy (e.g. solar panels or others),
• Developing sustainable buildings, using the clay in our soil, straw etc.

3. Inner Balance

We can all find inner balance in our own ways: some prefer liveliness and chaos, others benefit from clarity and peace. Within the Vlierhof community you can find differences in peoples’ needs and ways to meet them. Overall, we all agree that it is important to feed all aspects of human existence: the head (intellectual challenges), heart (love, passion) and hands (physical activity). Neglecting any aspect can result in problems sooner or later and many problems in our society relate to this. We often overvalue the head and pay too little attention to heart and hands. At the Vlierhof, we believe there is a need for places where this is different so we pay extra attention to the undervalued side of human existence. Some of the interests we want to develop include:
• Living with the seasons
• Experiencing all the senses
• Exploring various spiritualities
• Learning from the labyrinth

4. Creativity