Gezondheid is voor ons een belangrijke pijler en daar hoort ook voeding bij. We zijn op zoek naar een nieuw teamlid die verantwoordelijkheid draagt voor het hele keuken gebied. Onze voorkeur gaat uit naar een vrouw (voor de balans in het team) die ruime ervaring heeft op dit gebied.


  • Keeping stock for both the community and the groups (activities / workshops / retreats)
  • Self-catering for groups and contacting other chefs. (We want to create a chef group that we can draw from)
  • Professionalize the kitchen environment with regard to cooking utensils and other necessities.
  • Maintaining contacts with the garden team regarding supplies that are needed from the garden. (We want to use as much as possible from our own garden)


  • Extensive experience in cooking and kitchen area.
  • Extensive experience in organizing and managing / supervising.
  • You can take into account different dietary wishes and needs, such as allergies, vegetarian and vegan meals.


A number of core values and personal characteristics are important in order to have a good connection with our team. You are someone who has an inquisitive, open attitude towards yourself and life. Able to work independently, an extrepenuerial mindset. You are able to make and take responsibility for decisions within your area. You can work together and communicate well, both within a team, with guests and volunteers.

What we can offer:

  • You can work and live at Vlierhof, a beautiful location with lots of greenery. There is a trial period of 3 months. Within these three months we keep in close contact to get to know each other. If everything feels good, a longer stay is possible. We will make new agreements about this after three months.
  • In the long run, you can generate income by hosting workshops in the field of nutrition, or by catering. There are plenty of options here that we can discuss.
  • You become part of the tribe and propagate our vision / mission
  • At Vlierhof we use a monthly financial investment from each team member. How and what becomes clear in the conversation.
  • We started here with a new team and you can therefore participate / contribute to the build-up of this beautiful place.
  • As an entrepreneur there are plenty of opportunities for yourself and for the place.

If you want to participate in / with this adventure, please let us know. We would like to invite you for a live conversation at Vlierhof.

If you are interested, send an email with "why you want this" and / or "why we are looking for you for:

We let the responses come in and then we make a choice about the conversations.



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