Several hundred people in the Netherlands found each other in their desire to form a community based on spirituality, community building and ecology. This project is called the Ecovillage ( Three people from this group did not want to wait for the realization of this major project and decided to buy a farm with the same objectives in June 2002 and they founded the association Vlierhof. In September 2002 they bought a farm and called it Vlierhof after the land that was called “Flierhostey”.

On September 29, 2002 there were four people involved in the farm: a therapist / artist, an entrepreneur / financial expert, and a farmer and his wife. When the farmers’ idea for the project evolved, they bought another farm in September 2003. For the remaining members, Tineke and Anutosh, this meant a new beginning.

The second year of the Vlierhof stood in the context of reflection, visioning, developing new policies and building a network. They had an affinity towards the vision of Dieter Duhm from Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal, which was founded with the vision of peace, a world without wars. They also looked to other communities for inspiration to talk through and study their vision.

In September 2004, the vision was published on the topic of peace with yourself, with society, and with nature. In the fall of 2004 Caroline came to live part-time on Vlierhof. She had been closely involved with the ecovillage movement and in January 2005 started on the care farm. This was a success, there were 12 regular clients. New residents from around the world came and went. They experimented with new forms of governance.

In 2009, the vision was adapted inspired by the visions of the ecovillages Auroville (India) and Findhorn (Scotland): live, learn and work.

In 2012, the founder of the community decided to attract more people and the community gradually transferred to a new group of people with different nationalities to develop the Vlierhof and further realise the vision.