The Vlierhof team is responsible for the vision, strategy and the daily operations.

Each team member has their own set of responsibilities in taking care of Vlierhof. Our entrepeneurship is driven by our heart's mission. We organise all kinds of workshops, trainings and activities.
These are offered at Vlierhof or at other venues. 

Kernteam & bestuurslid: Marketing & Organisatie

Vrouwenwerk, Kambo & Soul Coaching

Core team: Vision, visibility, eventmanagement and bookings

Men's groups and coaching

Coreteam: Hostess, camping and bed & breakfast

Yoga and outdoor cooking

Teamlid: Technische Dienst

Aspirant Teamlid: Tuin &  Permacultuur

Kernteam: Educatie en Ondersteuning

Outdoor sports and movement garden

Aspirant Teamlid: Gezonde voeding & Catering

Kookworkshops, massage

Aspirant Teamlid: Tuin &  Permacultuur

Aspirant Teamlid: Gastvrouw Vrijwilligers

Yoga, Retreats