Vlierhof wants to develop into a cooperative so that it can serve many people who want to help build a world in which we can develop fully in harmony. Vlierhof is a gift to the world donated to a foundation by Anutosh, who assumes ownership responsibility.
https://omeed.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/1362090373hands-united.jpgThe operational organisation will be in a cooperative form, with all types of stakeholders who contribute to Vlierhof developing it as a collective place.  It will be a sanctuary and meeting place for everyone.
At first we turn to enterprising promoters and workshop providers who recognise themselves in Vlierhof’s vision and wish to connect.

Vlierhof started 14 years ago, with the intention of being a place of practice and training for people who wanted to shape a new world. Since then, there have been many movements we wish to support, for example transition towns.

Ecology, community, communication, personal development and spirituality have always been prominent features of Vlierhof, just like music, dance, wellness, and the celebration of life.
Vlierhof offers itself as a possible home for these developments. Due to its location and facilities, Vlierhof is ideal for theme and brainstorming weekends and multi-day events.
From the 8 – 10th of July, we gave the official start signal for the co-op idea, with a wide brainstorming weekend with all interested parties on the usefulness for each of collaborating in co-operative form. Together we are stronger than alone. As freelancers, pooling our interests together can help us support each other.
Things that the co-op could offer for its members are programmatic co-operation, PR, crowdfunding, social media, building local co-operative around bottom-up initiatives, peers learning from each other and sharing expertise.

Our first weekend practice is about crowdfunding. How to amass the funds to finance your goal.