August 24th to 27th

*The workshops will be mostly in English. Some in Dutch or German. Translation to German or Dutch will be offered if needed.*

The Summer Festival is Vlierhof and the Vlierhof network (you!) celebrating itself – Like a flower in full bloom. We see you as a vital ingredient to spice up this festival.

We believe everyone carries a gift and just needs that opportunity, encouragement, trust and space to share it.

We have put together a program that offers both a fixed program with Osho meditations and meditative therapies, Gurdjieff movements, the arts & crafts , namely writing, sculpturing, drawing, personal development workshops like Voice Liberation and open space for you to offer your aliveness in whatever form your gift might take!

Join us for a weekend of meditation, workshops, music and arts, facilitated by capable and experienced facilitators and co-created by everybody, who wants to share!

The Program
Meet the team and the workshop givers here!
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Registration and booking
The summer festival is open to your workshop proposals and other suggestions too. You can submit your proposal here.
Additionally decisions around the program design will be made publicly through the Summer Festival Loomio group.
  1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days
Ticket 35 Euro 60 Euro 85 Euro 110 Euro
Accommodation (includes linen, towels and breakfast) 1 Night 2 Nights 3 Nights
Single Room 42.50 Euro 85 Euro 127.50 Euro
Double Room 27.50 Euro 55 Euro 82.50 Euro
Triple Room
Family Room
Dormitory 20 Euro 40 Euro 60 Euro
Camping 10 Euro 20 Euro 30 Euro
Meals 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days
Lunch 10 Euro 20 Euro 30 Euro 40 Euro
Dinner 10 Euro 20 Euro 30 Euro 30 Euro

Please note that prices are per person.

All prices include 19% VAT for board and 7% VAT for accommodation.


Workshops and Events

Amber Divari

Amber Divari’s singing can magically touch the listener in the inner essence of his being. An aesthetic relaxation effect for the fast moving time arises. Songs that soothe the quick mind of the present and again lead you to your essence in the silence. A wonderful musical journey to achieve balance in everyday life. Amber Divari is an exceptional artist who composes, arranges, produces, records and sings her own music.

Not Two – Ashva Bodhi and Iris

Ashvabodhi from Germany is a singer-songwiter and long time Osho sannyasin, Iris is from Italy and together they play quite a few different programs. They have a long experience in leading kirtan/bajhan/mantra singing circles, both with traditional mantras and Osho songs. They have concert programs with own compositions and cover.

Not Two played at our Easter Retreat and lifted off the roof of the seminar house. We, on Vlierhof, can only recommend Not Two!

From singing along to Mantra Magic with Iris und Ashvabodhi

Singing along fills us with joy on the journey. Singing aware is the true way.
Singing, singing,
singing like a flower
that opens,
everything is done by itself.

Footmassage Healing Piano Concert with Erik Huele

Subtle voice and piano sounds can bring you into a peaceful, open and receptive atmosphere. Touching and being touched will invite your energy to circulate, creating a deeper relaxation. We can lay down while listening.

You can listen to Erik’s work here:

Qi Gong with Eric Huele

Qui Gong involves slow movements from the Chinese Tao tradition while gently breathing, making your energy flow and balance. You become more rooted and centered, connecting body, mind and heart in a conscious way. Your own inner smile emerges as a mild, loving bath for all your cells, creating an inner good weather. It brings your spirit deeper into your body, acknowledging your force within as softness. Qigong connects the wisdom of your body and your soul.

EarthDome-Ceremony with Angela Muktadeva and Oliver Y’jagrdra

Shamanic Journey with Oliver Y’jagrdra and Angela Muktadeva

Deep Sleep with Jasper Kamphuis
– This workshop has unfortunately been canceled. –

Dancing in Unity with Boudewijn Magnus

“When the dancer is lost and only the dance remains…” OSHO
Dance can be a natural way of meditation: just living in the moment, no past, no future, just movement in the NOW. A lot of us have good experiences with that (for example in trance dance). For me a very special step further is to dance together with a partner, with the same aim of meditation.: just being in the NOW, in close relation to the partner, creating and ‘solving’ up in one mutual space…..In that way becoming one: one heart/ one breathing on 4 legs….

For me, it is about going deeper inside myself than ego reaches…..

So, when all ‘walls’ disappear, there is no boundary any more between me and the other.   For me a very special step into the experience of the universal unity.

For me the Argentinian Tango has all potential to be  that ‘sacred’ dance….

One of the beautiful female dancers where I recognize that often, is Ingeborg.

She offered to give together with me a workshop ‘Dancing in unity’. See Ingeborg’s website:

In this workshop we will experience some very easy principles where you can recognize the meditation aspects of unity. It’s just about feeling, being open-hearted, letting the mind ‘rest’.

Voice Liberation with Cecilia Magnus

Lets taste, enjoy and be impressed by the sounds of the wisdom of our body. Voice liberation is a unique way of using the voice by connecting with what is present in the body. Everyone can sing. As soon as we let go of our judgements and expectations, we connect with our own true voice. In this workshop we will sing short improvisations, with and without text, individually, in pairs and as a group. Voice liberation gives you the chance to let some inner parts sound as an expression of what is shown or felt in your body.

Gurdjeff Movements with Coen van Hoboken

The Gurdjeff movements is a series of sacred dances that were collected or authored by G. I. Gurdjeff and taught to his students as part of the work of self observation and self study.

The movements are not just displays of bodily coordination and exercises in concentration. On the contrary, they transport real, concrete knowledge, passed from generation to generation of initiates – each posture and gesture representing some cosmic truth that the informed observer could read like a book.

The movements are purpordedly based upon traditional dances that Gurdjeff studied as he traveled throughout central Asia, India, Tibet, the Orient and Africa where he encountered various Indo-European and Sufi orders, Buddhist centers and other sources of traditional culture and learning.

There were literally thousands of movements collected and taught by Gurdjeff throughout his teaching career. The music for the movements was written by Gurdjeff and Thomas de Hartmann, as well as British composer Edouard Michael.

Join the Gurdjeff Movement weekend at the Vlierhof to get to know the movements or to deepen your experience with them. Both novices and those who already know some of the movement are welcome.

Campfire with Falk von Freigeist

The tradition of sitting around a campfire is almost as old as humanity itself. You can tell and listen to stories, play music and let your energy go around, sharing with everyone in the circle. A wonderful way to let the day end in a harmonious way!

Labyrinth Workshop with Frederique Hagedoorn

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol found worldwide in different forms. It differs from a maze in that you follow one path, rather than choosing left or right. The path contains twists and turns, leading to the center and then outward again. Along the access path on both sides, there are beautiful wild botanical gardens (including protected plants) with different shapes and colors. This part of the garden is worked upon by selectively weeding and serves as a tool for personal growth and development. Frederique is the designer and will give a workshop on the festival.

The Vlierhof Labyrinth

Hatha Yoga with Music with Sangeeta & Dana Deva

Music and yoga invite us to relax both body and mind. Sacred music, the vibrations of ancient mantras and traditional hatha yoga practice, all bring us to a space of inner silence and bliss, which is our true nature. As lovers of yoga and music we combine these in a 2-hour meditative yoga class. The class consists of a gentle asana practice (inspired by the Sivananda hatha yoga tradition), accompanied with soft guitar music, harmonium and voice. There will be time for long relaxations in between the asanas to let the body recharge and to relax the mind. Sound vibrations have a healing effect on our physical, mental and spiritual body bringing them into harmony with our true nature. During these classes we invite you to open the heart, to let go, leave thinking behind and rest in the silence of being.

Open Down – Grounding and Conscious Living

You are born on this earth. You live on its surface and live from its soil. No wonder your connection to the ground is vital for your health and well-being. But how can you make and keep this connection? How can you ground yourself? In this workshop, based on my own experiences and knowledge, I will guide you through an exploration of grounding techniques.
Much of my life I have lived inside my mind, like most people in our Western society do. But I have noticed that thinking does not give me the right answers and does not make me happy. More and more, I am letting go of thinking. Instead of answering questions with my mind, I ask myself: What do I want? What are my needs? Grounding is my way to get in touch with my needs and wishes. Through grounding I release energy and excitement that I no longer need. Grounding keeps my energy balanced. Through grounding myself, I can tune to my core and listen to what lives deep inside of me, without being distracted by the thoughts in my mind.
In this workshop I would like to take you on a trip to your own soil, your own ground. To let you become more aware of yourself and your energy. I will offer you different grounding techniques. This way, I will let you experience grounding and discover what kind of methods work best for you. Those techniques you can then continue to practice at home.

Open Podium

The stage is open. An empty stage and an attentive audience for you to share whatever is on your heart and mind.

Microphones, a projector and a sound-system is available.

Sauna with Falk von Freigeist and Swami Prem Tabda

An old finnish tradition, seen as a way of purifying body and soul, the sauna is a place for relaxation and wellness. The warmth cleanses the body and the steam is seen as the embodiment of the soul. Strengthen your immune system, cleanse your body and soul from everything bearing down on it and just enjoy a hot sauna.


AUM meditation with Akash and Frederik Vimal Krups

This two-hour meditation guides you in a safe and supportive environment through 14 aspects of the human experience: hatred, forgiveness, love, stamina, life energy, chaos, dance, sadness, laughter, sensuality, chanting, silence, respect and sharing. The AUM is a Social Meditation that combines movement, role playing and vocal expression. By participating in the AUM you can experience a deep sense of aliveness, warmth, relaxation and acquire a taste for life again! AUM stands for awareness, understanding and meditation.

No-mind-gibberish meditation with Swami Prem Tabda

The No-mind meditation is making nonsense sounds also known as gibberish for 30 min. This serves to throw out thoughts and thereby to create a naturally silent & meditative state. 30 min Gibberish, 30 min Silent sitting.

Kundalini with Akash

This is a 1 Hour meditation

15min. Shaking. Not doing the shaking, but allowing the shaking to arise from the earth through the feet.

15 min. Dancing – Allowing the energies that have been shaken up to flow to the heart.

15 min. of silent sitting or standing – Watching like a watcher on the hill how the energies flow and settle.

15 min. Dead man/woman’s pose – Lay flat on the ground – Wiped out.

Born Again with Vimal

This is a two hour meditative therapy.

1 Hour of playing like a child again. Be a child again. Allow all impulses to arise. Just be a child.

1 Hour of silent sitting.

Osho’s Dynamic Meditation with Frederik Vimal Krups

The dynamic meditation is designed for modern western human beings. It is a meditation with 5 stages.

The first stage (10min) involves chaotic, fast and deep breathing. The chaotic breathing does not give the body mind a chance to remain in control of suppressed feelings and emotions.

The second stage (10 min) is catharsis – Let go! and express everything that surfaces from the chaotic breathing. If you surrendered to the deep breathing process the catharsis will happen automatically.

The third stage (10min) is jumping on the spot, hammering the heals on the ground, while shouting the mantra “Hoo!”.

The fourth stage (15min) is when the actual meditation happens. Someone will shout: “STOP!” – Freeze like a statue immediately. Just freeze. This is where the body-mind is surpassed.

The fifth stage (15 min) is celebrating meditatively through a morning dance to joyful music.


Creative Writing with Katrien Van den Bergh

Taking our inspiration from nature we will start by writing for short, timed periods and stick close to our physical senses. Looking at a tree or a flower or a beetle crawling in the grass, for example and really zooming in to everything we see, hear, feel, smell and maybe even taste. Starting from this we will explore other objects and subjects we find in the garden and on the land: what is the story of the sheep who watch the gardeners in the field, for example, can you imagine and write about what the world looks like through their eyes? Or sit in the field and listen to the world around you and then write about what you heard. Let yourself be inspired by the natural world and find magic in the small things.

Drawing with Frederik Vimal Krups

Speed sketching, various sketching challenges to challenge your creative abilities to draw

Sculpturing with Marjorie Slooff

Marjorie Slooff, who recently found her way to the Vlierhof is a skulptor. Her passion is to work with a lot
of different materials (like glass, bronze, wood, paper and polyester) and explore (im)possibilaties. She
makes big sculptures ,landart and small works in bronze and glass.
She is fascinated by human behaviour as influenced by triggers which cause action and behaviour. Is
behaviour based on our ancient primal instincts(flight, reproduction, survival), or are we less animal than
Her work often shows a mixture of human and animal forms, and also plants and trees are expressed
with a soul. The sculptures derive their form from my view upon the world: I cut, chop, and peel the outer
layer away until their most intense form has been achieved. This powerful expression can penetrate the
inner world of the viewer and call alive their subconscious experience and its responses.
At the summer festival of the Vlierhof she will ask the participants of her workshop to work together on a
sculpture made of driftwood. The organic form of the material and the spontanuous imput of paritcipants
will result in a scultpture that fitts in the theme of the festival.
Beside sculpting she has been a fysio and manual therapist for 30 years gives massages, and is fond of

Marjorie Slooff