Volunteer Program Needs 2018


New volunteers, please read this document for your orientation

Everyone on Vlierhof is a volunteer. We have nevertheless come up with different categories for volunteering to make things clearer:

  • Short-Term Volunteers – min. 3 weeks stay – A chance to get to know the place and the community
  • Long-Term Volunteers – 2-3 months – After 3 weeks stay you can apply to volunteer long-term
  • Part-Time Volunteers – a couple of days a week (often locals)
  • Community Members – Fully integrated – Taking responsibility for a vital aspect of operations (work-life) on Vlierhof

We strive to balance what you as short-term &/or long-term volunteer contribute, as in work, experience, new ideas, and what you can gain as in learning by doing, experience, confidence, growing, community life, sociocratic governance, meditation, and non-violent Communication.


Short-term, local, and long-term volunteers live with the rhythm of the community and we also value your voices. In exchange for the experience of living at the Vlierhof, which includes room and board, volunteers put in at least five days a week, six hours a day. We encourage you to take on tasks that are needed in the community while taking your own skills and experience into account. Ideally your experience and skills overlap with the community needs. See if you can somehow add value to the community. When requesting to volunteer with us, we appreciate an introduction about yourself so we can determine how to align your needs (and skills and interests) with ours in this particular moment. 

Volunteer Program 2018

The work on Vlierhof is mainly divided into 7 (8) circles:

  • Maintenance
  • Kitchen
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Seminar house
  • Administration
  • Garden
  • Home care – Community
  • (Projects)

We hope that after initial instruction (See volunteer orientation doc. at the top!), volunteers can work independently. For example one volunteer built a clay oven where our bread can now be baked, another made a herb garden, and others have helped with office work. Of course this depends on the length of time you are able to commit to. One of our long-term volunteers took years to build the labyrinth. 

Many volunteers become true friends and come back again. We welcome people from the neighborhood and from afar. We tend to have two different types of volunteers:

  • Those who come to us for a designated time but then we might never see again, as they often come from far away. In this case, we 
  • Those with a permanent appointment, who come back at regular intervals. We have a bond with them,  they are aware of our comings and goings and do not need much instruction.
  • We ask for a minimum commitment of 3 weeks.