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Brotherhood Weekender 2022

16 september @ 08:00 - 18 september @ 17:00


Hey MAN,

We’re Niels & Erik and welcome to our brotherhood community. We discovered through our personal journeys and our work with other men, that many of us are looking to live more meaningful and fulfilled lives. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you are from, or how much money you make. It’s about how you actually experience life on a daily basis. How fulfilled and happy are you in all aspects of your life? And let’s be honest, life ain’t always easy. Struggles, fears, insecurities, and addictions are often holding us back… You recognize that? Then we have got something for you. We are organizing a series of brotherhood weekenders. A beautiful, transformative journey into yourself & into the community of brotherhood. Together with 29 other men who are ready to step up and do the work to become the men we deserve to be.

A deep dive experience for men who are ready for the next step in life. Join this transformational weekender & grow as a man.

Our Mission For This Weekender

We, men, have been cut short when it comes to truly express ourselves. We’ve always been told to hold it in, be tough, don’t cry and push on. We’ve never learned to truly, deeply and authentically show up in many parts of life. As a result, a lot of us aren’t showing the real man that we hide inside. This happens especially around other men – there’s almost always some competitive edge, we inflate ourselves, we hide of emotions or for instance have some form of excessive pleasing going on. There’s a massive opportunity for men to develop new skills that are extremely necessary for our next cycle of masculine evolution. Therefore, it’s our mission to assist men in making them superior men, becoming more authentic and living fulfilling lives. This is not going to happen overnight of course. This weekend is the start of a journey to explore ourselves. What is holding us back? Which aspects of life aren’t going so well? What are we hiding? How are we selling ourselves out? And how are we sabotaging & victimizing ourselves? During this weekend, you will dive deeper into the darker aspects of ourselves. In the workshops, we will look at topics like shame, judgments on others, and the inner critic in ourselves. The good thing is that you’re definitely not alone in this! Almost all men are dealing with fears and shame around important topics such as life purpose, sex, relationships, and money. If we learn to express the wanted and unwanted parts of ourselves, especially while being surrounded by a group of brothers who’ve got each other’s backs, then magic can happen.

Liking it already?

Express Yourself, Find Truth & Start Healing. It’s time to reinvent what it means to be a man in this new world era.

During this brotherhood weekender, we’ll get real together – no more bullshit. By showing up in this safe container, witnessed by 30 men, old beliefs and patterns will start transforming & healing initiates. Let us stand together. Let us get real together.

Ready To Level Up Your Life?

Great! Let’s take action today and apply for the brotherhood weekender. Let’s have a great time together, in a beautiful spot in nature. We offer amazing workshops with awesome teachers. If you start working with us, this is what you can expect:

  • Learn to live more authentic
  • Have better relationships with women
  • New insights about your purpose in life
  • Feel more confident and relaxed
  • A brotherhood for life (you will be part of our tribe)

The Program

  • Friday : The weekender starts with a beautiful dinner. After dinner there’s is an opening ceremonie where we set our intentions for the weekender. We get to know each other and create a safe space for all men. There will be a campfire and wood sauna ready for us to enjoy.
  • Saturday: We start with a great morning practice, where we wake up our bodies and get warmed up for a very special day. During this day Niels Pilaar will facilitate a great workshop where we look deep into our shadow and the parts that we are ashamed of. In a safe space you are invited to open up and get real. This is where the magic happens, because by looking at our dark sides and see our shadows, the transformation begins. At the end of the day we offer a beautiful sweatlodge ceremonie.
  • Sunday: After the morning practice and breakfast we get ready for a ‘No More Mister Nice Guy’ workshop. Facilitated by Hajee Pepping you will take a look at where you may be pleasing others and where you try to be nice. This leads often to behavior that is counterproductive and in this workshop, you will get tools to get ouf of patterns that no longer serve you. Hajee is also known for his great anger workshops. So we might work with getting out our anger in a safe way. This day will make you much more ‘real’ and trustable. We end this day with a closing ceremonie.

What To Expect

  • Inspiring Workshops: We hand picked an epic selection of facilitators. The best of the best. Not the huffy fluffy kind. But men of achievement, substance, integrity, & authenticity.
  • True Brotherhood Connection: Its very important for men to be witnessed by other man when we share our deepest truths. We will get together. Stand together. And support each other.
  • Surrounded by Nature: At the Vlierhof Community we will be surrounded by nature. A very special place for brotherhood adventure.
  • Healthy Food: We will serve 3 vegetarian meals per day with biological ingredients. Made by the chefs of the Vlierhof Community.
  • Sauna: The Vlierhof offers a beautiful sauna for us. To sit together and sweat our balls off.
  • Campfire: No brotherhood adventures without a magnificent campfire. End of story.

Apply now! 



16 september @ 08:00
18 september @ 17:00
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