15th to 17th September

The Gurdjieff movements is a series of sacred dances that were collected or authored by G. I. Gurdjieff and taught to his students as part of the work of self observation and self study.

The movements are not just displays of bodily coordination and exercises in concentration. On the contrary, they transport real, concrete knowledge, passed from generation to generation of initiates – each posture and gesture representing some cosmic truth that the informed observer could read like a book.

The movements are purportedly based upon traditional dances that Gurdjieff studied as he traveled throughout central Asia, India, Tibet, the Orient and Africa where he encountered various Indo-European and Sufi orders, Buddhist centers and other sources of traditional culture and learning.

There were literally hundreds of movements collected and taught by Gurdjieff throughout his teaching career. The music for the movements was written by Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann, as well as British composer Edouard Michael.

Join the Gurdjieff Movement weekend at the Vlierhof to get to know the movements or to deepen your experience with them. Both novices and those who already know some of the movement are welcome.

The Workshop begins at 17:00, Friday, 15th September and ends on 14:00, Sunday, 17th September, after lunch.

Prices including vegetarian buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Single Room 158,00 €
Double Room 128,00 €
Triple Room 128,00 €
Dormitory 107,00 €

Add +100 EUR for the movements classes

Please send an email to info@vlierhof. org if you would like to register for the Movements workshop.

Gurdjieff Movents instructors: Coen Van Hoboken & Karoline Kupperroth

Karoline Kupperroth (Köln) and Coen van Hoboken (Boxtel) have been studying Gurdjieff’s movements for a long time in various groups that can trace back to the original teaching of Gurdjieff. The

y both lead movements classes on a regular basis, in Köln and in Nijmegen, and accompany the movements on the piano. In 2013, they participated in a movements demonstration at the Mystic Music Festival in Konya.

Coen Van Hoboken
Karoline Kupperrot