Workshop Facilitators’ Bios



Caroline Ligtenberg teaches Do-In Yoga and works as a coach and trainer. The courses “Mindfulness in business”’ and “The art of healing”  inspired her to work as a career and entrepreneur coach. In her work she likes to appeal to the powers that are already there within people so they can rely on their inner strengths and find a base in themselves.


Qigong & Music

Erik Huele has 14 years of experience with Chi Kung, exercising and teaching with enthusiasm. He was educated in the Netherlands by senior instructor Annette Derksen and during Spring 2001 in Switzerland by Mantak Chia. He is certified as a Healing Tao instructor. Erik is also a pianist and composer who gives essentially improvisation concerts.


Trance Dance

Walter Barkhuysen-Tacke is a Sound Master, workshop leader and trainer that specializes in working with sound and resonance. He is also an Intuitive musician and masseur, and trained psycho-energetic therapist. Spirituality, awareness, connection and inspiration drive his career.


Transformational Breathing & AUM Meditation

Heleen Arati Bonte lives in Malden, with her partner and their two daughters. In 2006 she started Flowering, an exercise in consciousness development of the School of Life. Since then she practices mindfulness and awareness through her work as a Transformational Breath coach, Tantra teacher and deep tissue massage therapist.


Voice Liberation

Cecilia Magnus used to work as a drama teacher in a secondary school. She has always been fascinated by facilitating growth in people. Her education in Neuro-Linguistic Programming offered lots of tools for that. In 2010 she started Gemma, an organization that teaches ways to get more connection and harmony. Since then, she has been giving trainings in Non-Violent Communication as developed by Marshall Rosenberg. In 2013 she discovered Voice Liberation by Jan Kortie in Amsterdam and she was very enthusiastic about the direct connection this way of singing means for body and soul. She again felt the joy that singing can bring, like she used to experience in her extra-large family of origin. She really enjoys facilitating Voice Liberation.


Tantra massage & Music

Theun Smulders, also know as Wandering Speedwell, is a passionate composer and interpreter. In his own words: “Everything I do is Art. Everything I touch transforms into meaning… Everything I give will transform me and I’ll heal… Everything that surrounds me will reflect my sound!”. He is also a Gestalt-coach and Tantra-masseur.



Sara Knap Phoenix Retreat Team Member

Sara is a part-time volunteer at the Vlierhof, having connection with the place for almost 9 years. She is a Shiatsu masseur, energy-worker, sound healer and feels a deep wish to heal and connect.


Insight Dialogue


Jeroen Clemens has studied recovery focused mental health care and worked as peer worker in psychiatric health care. He has both studied and experienced many of the practices and tools such as; ACT, CBT, Mindfulness, voice Dialogue, The Work, SMART Recovery. Shortly after coming in contact with Vipassana or Insight Meditation he learned of the extraordinary, interpersonal mindfulness practice called Insight Dialogue. Most of our suffering is interpersonal, yet most of our practice is individual. Insight Dialogue offers a bridge for this gap. After attending many retreats, years of practicing and facilitating groups, he now offers introduction courses in Insight Dialogue and Interpersonal Mindfulness.


Osho Meditations & Sweatlodge


Frederik Vimal Krups, Meditation instructor, Vlierhof Resident & Phoenix Retreat Team Member

Vimal has studied psychology and addictions counseling at the Tibetan Buddhist University Naropa, participated in the student program at the therapeutic community Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee, studied business and art at the anthroposophic Hochschule Alanus, and currently lives and works on Vlierhof. Vimal has experimented with and done the Dynamic and other Osho meditation everyday for two years and still enjoys the Nadabrahma meditation in the afternoon. He has done the sweatlodge in Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, and CO, USA. Always different. He will facilitate the sweatlodge according to the four directions. Vimal describes himself as a universal citizen, has volunteered at alternative festivals all the over the world before and loves working with people.




Boudewijn Magnus, Physiotherapist, Vlierhof resident & Phoenix Retreat Team Member

Boudewijn’s life pilgrimage is about living from the heart. His physiotherapist studies included haptonomy, rebalancing, and cranio sacral therapy. He practices meditation and has studied spiegelogie, non violent communication and Byron Katie (loving what is). Boudewijn’s biggest passion is to dance the universal (Argentinian) Tango, moment by moment, step by step, as a ‘sacred/spiritual’ meditational dance where 2 people become one, leaving ego behind and opening themselves unconditionally.


Herbalism, Mindfulness, Rock Balancing, Reiki, Deep Ecology

Leticia Solari, teacher, healer, Vlierhof resident & Phoenix Retreat Team Member

Leticia experienced and studied the healing properties of nature and contemplative practices since childhood. She is passionate about learning processes, developing wisdom through spiritual practice and fostering psychological growth. Her studies include: permaculture, deep ecology, Reiki Master, psychology, contemplative education and art. She has a Masters in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University (Tibetan Buddhist)