CROWDFUNDING & Peer2Peer learning/teaching Community @ Vlierhof

We are creating a crowdfunding campaign for De Vlierhof and will form a experiential learning community around the campaign (and aorun

d your campaign as well).  Nisandeh Neta who spent four years analyzing and reverse-engineering Crowdfunding campaigns will serve as inspiration for the campaign.

The aims of the campaign so far are to finance the costs that come with founding The Vlierhof Co-op for its members, to reach potential members of the in-the-making Vlierhof Co-op,  and to amp up sales of our B&B and our workshop offerings to pay back a loan to the bank which will make life easier for the generational shift taking place at the Vlierhof.
We invite anyone who wants to take a weekend to dive into the subject of Crowdfunding! We’d propose meeting for a one and a half days starting on Saturday the 2nd of July @ 10:00 – Sunday the 3rd of July @ 17:00.
Party in “De Deel” Saturday night, which is our barn with beach atmosphere!
Please go to our Website to register

Please sign up to the weekend in this doodle (single days goes as well):

Join our learning community for a minimum price of 65 euros (one nights stay, vegetarian meals).
Please register by signing up on the doodle and/or write us here: